Pin Slip Ring

Rotary Electrical Connectors Pin slip-ring is a type of slip-ring that basically use the pin instead of wire. Having a pin instead of wire basically fulfill the requirement of RoHS compliance. Pin slip ring stands apart with its little measurements, simple association and advantage of installation. A situation where there is a need for the transmission of the power and data, such type of the slip-ring can be effectively utilized there and perfectly suitable for such scenario. There are different channels which are accessible ranges from 2 to 8 which are widely used and preferred in the machines of packaging. Pin slip rings are choice structure and supplant wires by pins which meets PoHS natural necessities.

Thus, Pin Slip-ring is a type of Slip ring that basically employ the pin rather than wire thereby meeting the compliance requirement of PoHS. Pin Slip ring offers many advantage over the conventional slip ring in order to transmit the power electricity and data. For a customized solution, you may approach us for technical assistance and our expert will provide you most viable solution that will meet the required specification. However, the features and applications of the Pin Slip-ring is given below:


Pin Slip-ring uses the pin instead of wire thereby offering the unique feature for the transmission of the electrical power and data. Some of the important features are as given below:

  1. Pure environment friendly design under the mercury free unit;
  2. There will be no loss for the data package as well as no interference;
  3. Rotating transmission for the load standard is 360 ;
  4. A very low frictions force is required for it with extremely low noise of electricity;
  5. Terminal will be connected speedily.

The applications of the pin slip-ring is as follow:

  1. Small Wind Turbine;
  2. Rotating Platform;
  3. Hot Roller;
  4. Cable Reel.

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