Industrial Reel

Cable Reels; The steel drums demanded by the industrial sectors have entered the Turkish market recently. They are produced for all kinds of gas, liquid fluid hoses and energy, signal, image cables. They are suitable for military purposes, aviation and marine use.

Our reels, made of high quality materials. They have  the finest details. Manufacturers rised the standards so that will withstand the most demanding conditions of each industry.
Our drums increase the efficiency and productivity of your activity. While drums are ensuring the safety of the workplace. Thanks to their special designs, their maintenance can be done effortlessly. As Slipring A.S., we offer you the exact value of your request with more than 3000 kinds of cable and hose reels.

The main features of Industrial Reels;

  • Suitable for use in military and civilian areas,
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric hose and cable rewinding,
  • Welding devices, oxygen-acetylene, argon, LPG welding hoses,
  • For chemical transfer, food hoses such as milk, cream, drinking water,
  • Washing and sterilization,
  • Compressed air,
  • Fuel and lubrication,
  • For communication cables such as energy, data, signal, image.

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