ZER-X7-6*30A Capsule Slip Ring

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4-Channel, 30A, 300rpm, 400V, Plastic

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249 in stock (can be backordered)


ZER-X7-6*30A Capsule Slip Ring

ZER-X7-6*30A Capsule Slip Ring is the one of our power capsule slip ring models. The power capsule slip ring transfers electrical signals and datas from stationary point to  rotary part. There are 6 channels of the slip ring. Each of the 6 channels carry 30 ampere. Some of the fields of the usage of the power capsule slip ring are robotic technologies, defence industry and automation. The capsule slip rings range of operating temperature is from -20 °C to +80 °C degrees. The slip ring has contacts made of precious metals and its housing material is engineering plastic. Outer diameter of the slip ring is 30 mm.  It meets the standards of IP 51 protection class. The slip ring is protected to dust particles and verticle waterdrops. It offers safe use and high efficiency to customers and it provides flexibility in systems.

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Technical Specifications
Channels 6
Outer Diameter 30mm
Current Amp.(maximum) ≤ 30A / Per ring
Operating voltage ≤ 250VAC/VDC
Electrical Interference ≤ 0,01 Ω (5 rpm, 6 VDC, 0.2 A)
Number of revolutions 0-300rpm
Operating temperature -20°C to +80°C
Connection Cable Length 300 mm cable (Stator / Rotor)
Contact Material Precious metals
Working Position Vertical and Horizontal

OD30mm 4-Channel, 30A, Capsule Slip Ring


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