ZEN-X3FP 2x10A + 1 Pneumatic Customized Slipring

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2-channel, 10A, 1 Pneumatic, 600rpm, 440Vac/Vdc, IP51

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20 in stock


ZEN-X3FP RSZQ-F22-Q10-A2-S001 Customized Slip Ring

The ZEN-X3FP 2x10A + 1 Pneumatic Slip ring is a spesific model of our sliprings. The ZEN-X3FP slip ring transmits power and datas from stationary part to rotary part. It has the following spesifications:

  • 2 Channels: The ZEN-X3FP customized slip ring has 2 channels which allow for the transmission of up to 2 different signals or power sources.
  • 10 Amperes per circuit: Each circuit is rated for a maximum current of 10 Amperes. This means that each circuit can handle up to 10 Amps of electrical power.
  • 1 Pneumatic: The customized slip ring is designed to be used in air (pneumatic) applications.
  •  This slip ring include a compact size, high reliability, and low maintenance requirements.


Overall, the ZEN-X3FP 2x10A 1 Pneumatic (Elektro-Pneumatic Slip Ring) is a type of electrical connector that allows for the transmission of power and signals between a stationary and a rotating structure in air application. It is designed to handle a maximum current of 10 Amperes per circuit and has 2 circuits.

Technical Specifications
Channels 2
Rated voltage ≤440Vac/Vdc
Rated current 2*10A+1 Pneumatic
Dielectric strength 1000Vac@50Hz,60s
Insulation resistance >600MΩ / 500Vdc
Dynamic contact resistance <0.01Ω
Contact material Precious metals
Housing material Engineering plastic
Operating temperature -20°C to +80°C
Operating speed 0-600 rpm
IP grade IP51

We offer customized slip rings for your spesific applications. You can click here to view other customized slip ring models. 

ZEN-X3FP RSZQ-F22-Q10-A2-S001 Customized Slip Ring


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