12x10A + 6x1A Customized Slip Ring

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18-channel (12*15A+6*1A), 300rpm, 240Vac/Vdc, IP51

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15 in stock


ZEN-X3 12*10A + ZER-X1 6*1A Customized Slip Ring

The 12x10A + 6x1A slip ring customized slip ring is developped to use a specific application as ZER-X1 slipr ring combines to ZEN-X3 slipring. In totally, the slipring has 18 channels. The ZEN-X3 slip ring has 12 channels and ZER-X1 has 6 channels. Each of 12-channels carry 10 ampere and each of 6 channels carry 1 ampere.

The slipring is made up of aluminum and engineering plastic. It has contacts which are made up of precious metals. The range of operating temperature of this slip ring is from -20 °C to +80 °C degrees. The 12x10A + 6x1A slip ring customized slip ring meets the standards of IP51 protection class. It has speed up to 300 rpm. The slipring offers high quality to its customer and provides high efficiency and durability in applications.

Technical Specifications of The 12x10A + 6x1A Slip Ring

Channels 18
Rated voltage ≤240Vac/Vdc
Rated current 6*1A+12*10A
Dielectric strength 500Vac@50Hz,60
Insulation resistance >300MΩ / 300Vdc
Dynamic contact resistance <0.01Ω
Contact material Precious metals
Housing material Al + Engineering plastic
Operating temperature -20°C to +80°C
Operating speed 0-300 rpm
IP grade IP51

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ZEN-X3 12*10A + ZER-X1 6*1A Customized Slip Ring

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