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ZEN-X25 4*40A+1*Profinet Big Inside Diameter Slip Ring (229mm)

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Available on backorder



ZEN-X25 4*40A & 1*Profinet – Big Inside Diameter Slip Ring

The ZEN-X25 4*40A+1*Profinet Big Inside Diameter Slip Ring is preferred in application that require large through hole. The ZEN-X25 has 4-channel transmitting power up to 40A and 1 profinet channel. Transmission takes place over these channels. HARTING branded power connectors are positioned to the body for power transmission and M12 connectors are bested to the profinet channel. The signal contacts of the ZEN-X25 Big Inside Diameter Slip Ring are made of gold-to-gold and its shaft made of solid aluminum. The big inside diameter slip ring meets the standards of the IP54 protection class. The ZEN-X25 can cycle up to 100 rpm. It provides efficiency in systems and offers quality, durability and safety to its customers.

Number of Rings 11-Channel
Rated Current 4 * 40A + 1 * Profinet
Rated Voltage 240Vac/24Vdc
Dielectric Strength 300Vac@50Hz
Insulation Resistance ≥100Ω@300Vdc
Working Humidity ≤60%RH
Contact Material Precious Metal (Power)
Gold to Gold (Signal)
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Operating Speed 0 ~ 60 rpm
IP Grade IP54 (Vertical installation, Rotor upwards)

The slip ring is specially produced for our customer. You can also contact us for a special slip ring for your application.

ZEN-X25 4*40A+1*Profinet Big Inside Diameter Slip Ring


Number of Channels

7 to 12-channel

Signal Type


Rated Current


Rated Voltage

101 to 250V

IP Protection Class

Rotational Speed

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