1 Passage Rotary Joint BAS-X1P MRUS-2XC7-R8-SS, G1/4″

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Single-channel, G1/4″, 275 bar, 1000 rpm

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BAS-X1PS 1-Passage Rotary Union G1/4″

1 Passage  Rotary Joint /Union offer BAS-X1PS series single passage rotary joint also known as a rotary union or rotating union has completely stainless steel structure for high speed (1000rpm) and high pressure application. BAS-X1P MRUS is a specific model of rotary joint, which is a mechanical device that allows the transfer of fluid  from a stationary source to a rotating piece of machinery or vice versa. The “G1/4” refers to the size of the connector or port on the rotary joint. The rotary union is made up of stainless steel structure.

It enables the rotation of the pipe or hose while maintaining a sealed connection and providing a continuous flow of fluid or air. BAS-X1PS 1 Passage Rotary joint is commonly used in applications such as machine tooling, robotics, printing presses, and various types of process equipment. It can handle various types of fluids such as water, air, oil, coolant, steam, and other media and are available in different sizes and configurations depending on the specific application and requirements.

Technical Specifications
Number of Channels1-channel
Connection SizeG1/4″
Operating Pressure275 bar (27.5MPa),maximum
Rotation Speed1000 rpm,maximum
Body ElementsStainless steel structure
ImpermeabilityO-ring NBR
FluidHydraulic, Oil, Air, Water
Temperature+120 °C,maximum

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BAS-X1P MRUS-2XC7-R8-SS, G1/4", Rotary Joint


Rotational Speed

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Connection Port


Number of Ports


Liquid Type

Air-Gas, Oil-Hydraulics, Water

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