Sakae 30JHK-ZT-30R3G Joystick


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Three-axis regulator, Analog 10 KΩ, IP 65.

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2 in stock (can be backordered)



Sakae 30JHK-ZT-30R3G joystick, Industrial applications, CNC machines, work machines, medical devices, especially has a wide range of use. It is possible to use any voltage you apply between 3 and 28Vdc as the output voltage. For example; When you apply 5Vdc voltage, you can get 5Vdc output. 5Vdc output you can choose from the output as two different output options, you can choose the type of output that is most suitable for your application.

Sakae 30JHK-ZT-30R3G Joystick Mechanical Property

Joystick control range: three-axis regulator
X, Y axis: approx. ± 10° ~ ± 15° from center (exact)
Z-axis: about ±30°~±35° from center
Working pressure: (spring automatic reset device) (omnibearing type)
X, Y axis: about 1 ~ 2N (100 ~ 200gf)
Z axis: approx. 30 ~ 70mN • m (300 ~ 700gf • cm)
Operating temperature range: – 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Life expectancy: about 2 million times

Electrical Performance

Loaded potentiometer: built-in 30JH series special conductive plastic resistor
(X, Y axis potentiometer)
Resistance: 10KΩ ± 20%
Power: 0.1W
Electric corner, about 20°
Independent linear tolerance: ± 5%
(Z-axis potentiometer)
Resistance: 10 kΩ ± 20%
Power: 0.04 W
Electric corner, about 60°
Independent linear tolerance: ± 5%
Life expectancy: about 2 million times; Special conductive plastic resistor of series 30JH.

First Output Option: 2.5Vdc in Center, 0 in Back Direction and 5Vdc in Forward Direction.
Second Output Option: 0 at Center, 5Vdc at Reverse Direction and 5Vdc at Forward Direction.
The output characteristics are shown as type A and type B in the table below.

  • Three-axis regulator
  • 10K potentiometer output (3 pin)
  • Back to Center
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • Economic
  • Japanese Origin

Sakae S30JLK-XI-10R1GH Joystick


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