2-Channel, 40A, Carbon Brush Slip Ring

Roda Sliprings

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2-Channel, 30A, 1000V, 2000rpm.

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349 in stock



Roda Sliprings, 2-Channel, 40A, Carbon Brush Slip Ring

2 channel 40A slipring is the one of the Roda Sliprings carbon brush models, has 2 channels which can transmission up to 40A, 2 carbon brushes and an isolated shaft. It can rotate 2000 rpm and works at 1000 volt.

The carbon brush slip rings, also known as carbon brush rotary electrical joints, are devices that transmit electrical power and signals through a rotating shaft. These devices are widely used in a variety of industries and applications, including machinery, wind turbines, and medical equipment.

The rotor of the slip ring contains a set of brushes that make contact with a ring of conductive material, typically made of copper or gold, on the stator. As the rotor rotates, the brushes maintain contact with the conductive ring, allowing for the transmission of electrical power and signals. The 2 channel 40A slip ring transmits high current and voltage without significant loss of power. They are also able to transmit signals, such as data and control signals, in addition to power. Carbon brush slip rings are also relatively low maintenance and have a long service life.

In conclusion, the 2 channel 40A slipring widely used in a variety of industries and applications and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Technical Specifications
Channels  2
Inner Diameter  16 mm
Outer Diameter  55 mm
Rated Current  ≤ 40A / Per ring
Rated Voltage  ≤ 1000V
Maximum Speed  ≤ 2000 rpm
Working Position  Vertical and Horizontal

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2-Channel, 40A, Carbon Brush Slip Ring


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