MXP Series Slip Rings

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> 50A, Up to 600V AC/DC, Up to 15,000 RPM,  IP67


ROTOCON MXP Series High Current Slip Rings

The high-current, multiple-contact, MXP-Series ROTOCON slip ring alternative is designed and built in a variety of configurations for high amperage applications. In applications like rotary turntable molding machines, conventional slip ring contacts suffer from arcing, friction and inevitable degradation of electrical performance. The MXP operates at 98% energy efficiency with no arcing or breaks in the flow of power, maintaining consistency and quality of power as it’s transmitted. This greatly improves product quality and eliminates maintenance costs.


Voltage Standard: Up to 600V AC/DC, Optional: Up to 4,000V AC/DC
Minimum Insulation Resistance >500MΩ @ 1kVDC
Amperage Model dependent, 100% overload allowed for <60 seconds – contact Meridian Laboratory for models
Frequancy Standard up to 250MHz, Optional up to 1GHz (with certain models & applications)
Stationary Contact Resistance <0.01mΩ
Electrical Noise <0.01uV
Operation Intrinsically immune to internal arcing
Notes Intrinsically immune to internal arcing, designed for continuous operation
Speed Model dependent, contact Meridian Laboratory
Mounting End of shaft, flange, or with set screws onto shaft (through-hole, MXPT Series)
Housing 304 Stainless steel
Terminations Cable lug over threaded shaft, supplied with hardware and crush washers – flanges optional
Operation Can be operated in any direction or orientation
Maintenance Features permanently lubricated bearings, brush-free design requires no user maintenance


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ROTOCON MXP Series High Current Slip Rings


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