MP Series Pancake Slip Ring


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MP Series Pancake Slip Ring

A pancake slip ring is designed for a limited height situation, which does not have any limitation in OD. This series slip ring has features of minimum height/thickness, large OD. It looks like a plate, therefore it’s also called a plate slip ring. Using precious metal contacts, it is stable, low torque, low loss, free maintenance, low noise, and long life.


  • The minimum thickness can be 5.8mm
  • Pancake slip ring using vacuum assistant resin infusion process
  • Using precious metal contacts, it is stable and has high performance
Model# ID


Thickness/L (mm) Rings


MP210 12.7 20 2~24
MP310 12.7 15.8mm~27mm 2~18
MP220 25.4 22 2~24
MP320 25.4 17.1mm~30.7mm 2~18
MP240 40 30 2~24
MP340 40 17.1mm~30.7mm 2~18
MP250 50 30 2~24
MP350 50 17.1mm~30.7mm 2~18
MP270 70 30 2~24
MP370 70 17.5mm~29.5mm 2~18
MP380 80 18.2mm~31mm 2~18

ZEN-X4 12-Channel, 15A, Through-bore Slip Ring


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