Moflon MZ Series Rotor Flange Slip Rings


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MZ Series Rotor Flange Slip Rings

MZ series slip ring is a general name for the slip ring with rotor part connecting flange. This series slip
ring, without through bore, is suitalbe for flange face mounting. Rotor wiring method has flange end
face wiring and flange side face wiring. Because there is no hole in center, with the same OD(outer
diameter)size, it can achieve more circuits and higher current. With ample inner space, this series
product is easily to build with inner wiring and special shielding module, which is very stable and
reliable. This series product is often used to customize sensitive signals or encoder signals。

Model# OD(mm) Circuit Number (rings) Power/each ring (A) Voltage (VAC/VDC)
MZ056 56 1~48 signal(2A)~10A 0~440
MZ056F 56 1~48 signal(2A)~10A 0~440
MZ086 86 1~72 signal(2A)~10A 0~690
MZ086F 86 1~72 signal(2A)~10A 0~690
MZ119 119 1~119 signal(2A)~10A 0~690
MZ119F 119 1~119 signal(2A)~10A 0~690

ZEN-X4 12-Channel, 15A, Through-bore Slip Ring


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