MMC Series Stator Flange Slip Rings


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MMC Series Stator Flange Slip Rings

A micro slip ring is a general designation of a series of slip rings with a very small overall outer diameter (5.9mm ~ 15.5mm). The product adopts the American military surface treatment process, super hard gold coating treatment, ensuring extremely low resistance waveDynamic and ultra-long working life. It is mainly used to transmit weak control signals and weak currents in small and medium-sized systems. Such as video, control, Sensor, power supply, EthernetLow torque, low loss, maintenance-free; low electrical noise typical applications: UAV, camera stabilizer, smart home, security monitoring, camera, robot, Test instruments,
turntables, and automation equipment.

Model# Bore(mm) OD(mm) Circuit(Ring) Current/ring(A) Max voltage(VDC/VAC)
MMC088 8.8 5.9 1~4 (1A) 120
MMC118 11.9 5.9 1~8 (1A) 120
MMC119 11.9 6.5 1~8 (1A) 120
MMC181 18.2 11.6 1~6 (4A) 220
MMC182 18.2 12.5 1~6 (2A) 220
MMC195 19.5 12.5 1~12 (2A) 220
MMC235 23.5 12.5 1~18 (2A) 220
MMC397 39.7 15.5 1~24 (2A) 220

ZEN-X4 12-Channel, 15A, Through-bore Slip Ring


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