ZEN-X5 18x10A (ID38mm 18-Channel, 10A, Aluminum)

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18-Channel, 10A, 600rpm, 600V, Aluminum

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ZEN-X5 18S (ID38mm 18-Channel, 10A, Aluminum)

The one of our through-bore slip ring models, id38mm has 18 channels which each have 10A operating current.

Some of the areas of usage of id38mm: petrol & gas industry tools, robots and gantry cranes.

Technical Specifications
Channels 18
Current Amp. (maximum) ≤ 10A / Per ring
Operating voltage ≤ 600VAC /DC
Electrical Interference ≤ 0,01 Ω (5 rpm, 6 VDC, 0,2 A)
Number of revolutions 0- 600 rpm
Operating temperature -30°C to +80°C
Connection Cable Length 1000 mm cable (Stator /Rotor)
Contact Material Gold Alloy (Copper-Zinc-Gold)
Working Position Vertical and Horizontal

ZEN-X5 18-Channel, 10A, Through-bore Slip Ring


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