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Asiantool A1030 Rotating Electrical Connector

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8x 30A @ 2x 4A, 250V, 100 rpm

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A1030 Rotary Electrical Connectors 10-channels, 8-Poles 30A & 2-Poles 4A, 250V

Asiantool Rotating Electrical Connectors (REC)


Asiantool A1030 rotating electrical connector (REC or slip ring) is using the special insulation, sealing, and conductive technologies. The out case material is the aluminum alloy or can be stainless steel upon request.  It is used for any kind of rotating objects of signals like micro voltage, current, EMF, thermocouple, strain gauge, audio, video, high frequency etc. and electric power connections.


Product Name  Asiantool A1030 Rotary Electrical Connector (REC)
Number of Channel  10
Rated Current  8 poles 30A/2 poles 4A
Rated Voltage, max  250Vac
Operating Temperature Range  -30° to 60° C
Maksimum Speed, max  100 rpm
Maksimum Frequancy  100 MHz
Insulation Resistance  >25 Mohm
Rotation Torque  1500 gm-cm


All types of our liquid metal rotary connectors support CE, RoHS compliance.


Application field: Cameras, rotary tables, rotary doors, straing gauge, thermocouples, textile machines, robots, automation and etc.

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