1 Channel 275 Bar G3/8″, Rotary Joint

Roda Sliprings

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Single-passage, G3/8″, 275 Bar, 30 rpm

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20 in stock (can be backordered)


BAS-X1  1-Passage G3/8″ Rotary Joint

Roda Rotary Joint/Union offer BAS-X1A series single-passage rotary joint for low speed (30rpm) and high pressure application.

Technical Specifications
Number of Channels 1
Connection Size G3/8″
Operating pressure 275 bar, maximum
Rotation Speed 30 rpm,maximum
Body Stainless steel, nickel-plated brass
Seal O-ring NBR
Media Air, Water, Oil
Temperature +120 °C,maximum

BAS-X1 G3/8", Rotary Joint


Rotational Speed

Connection Port


Number of Ports


Liquid Type

Air-Gas, Water

Roda Rotary Joint, BAS-X1, G3/8″ Rotary Joint, can transmit air, water and oil. It can rotate 360 degrees forward or continuous.

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