Jinpat Super Miniature Slip Rings

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LPMS series is a group of Super Miniature Capsule designed and manufactured by JINPAT, with the oute
of 5.5~11.1mm. It’s designed exclusively for tr sensitive signals. A fairly compact size makes it fit for
where small space is required.


  • Transmitting analog and data signal
  • Loading standard module while transmitting power a
  • Grooved design, smooth rotation and low electrical n
  • Multiple contacts per circuit, low contact pressure
  • Compact size, reliable performance

Part # Ring


ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal
LPMS-08A 8 48 VAC/DC
LPMS-0203-02 S 4 6VAC/DC 2 circuits*3A ; 2 circuits*


Analog and digital signa ls
LPMS-04C-03 3 0-6VAC/DC 3@1A Analog and digital signa ls
LPMS-12A 12 ø11.1X24 48VAC/DC 12@1A /
LPMS-44S 44 ø16×23 48VAC/VDC / common signal
LPMS-04A 4 ø7.9X10.80 48VAC/DC 4@1A /
LPMS-04C 4 ø7.90X10.8 0 48VAC/DC 4@1A /
LPMS-05D 5 ø5.5X10.6 48VAC/DC 5@1A /
LPMS-06A 6 ø7.9X11.2 48VAC/DC 6@1A /
LPMS-06B 6 ø8.5X11.2 48VAC/DC 6@1A /


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