Jinpat Pin Type Slip Rings

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LPR series is a group of Pin Slip Rings designed and manufactured by JINPAT Electronics. The unit enjoys
exquisite design and replaces wire with a pin to maks connections, which is in line with the RoHS Compliant
Convenient to install, it’s suitable perfectly for system electricity and power transmission is done in a small
plug and play is required in the application.
◆ Mercury-free unit in purely environment-friendly d
◆ Load standard module in 360° rotating transmission
◆ Large current-carrying capacity
◆ No interference or data package loss
◆ Extremely low electrical noise, low friction force
◆ Quick connection with spade terminal

Model OD(mm) Poles Current Speed (rpm)
LPR-8H Φ40 8 6 @ 20 A, 2 @ 5 A 0-300 rp
LPR-2H Φ40 2 2@25A 0-300 rp
LPR-2S Φ40 2 2@5 A 0-300 rp
LPR-4H Φ32.9 4 2@5A, 2@15A 0-300 rp
LPR-4S Φ32.9 4 2@5 A 2@2 A 0-300 rp
LPR-6H Φ33.00 4 2@5A, 4@15A 0-300 rpm
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