Jinpat Pancake Slip Rings

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LPK series is a group of Pancake Slip Rings manufactured  JINPAT with a thickness as small as 6mm. They are
exclusively for rotation systems in which installing space is limited in height at vertical direction. Both copper ring and brush contact surround a central hole, which saves space a lot. LPK series slip ring is divided into 2 kinds: separate pancake  slip ring LPKS and LPK stand-alone pancake slip ring

◆ High Rotating Speed
◆ Unfailing contact, light figure
◆ Extremely low physical noise
◆ Transmitting power and signal in 360° rotation
◆ No interference or connection drop

Part # Ring # ID(mm) Currents(A) Voltage(VAC) Thickness(mm)
LPKS000-0202-01S-PIN Circuits / 5A 5VDC 6
LPK000-0410-08S-E2 17 / 10A 220VAC/DC /
LPKS014-0302 Circuits φ14 3A 24V
LPKS005-0502 Circuits φ5mm 2A 50VDC
LPKS028-02S-U2 Circuits φ28.2 5A 380VAC/DC /
LPKS-0205 2 φ46/φ59 5A 380VAC/DC /
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