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Crane Applications

Crane Applications The Basics: How Slip Rings Work. The basic concept is the use of springs to press a series of brushes against a rotating ring. According to design and cycle demands, the brushes can be fixed with a rotating ring. Or the ring can be fixed with rotating brushes. In both embodiments, the brush series is in contact with the ring thanks to the pressure from the springs. Electricity is transmitted from the stationary component to the rotating component by contacting the shaft and ring.

The slip rings Springer Controls offers, manufactured by Slipring A.S. are made of brass. Relying to the current needs, the brushes can be made of graphite or phosphor bronze. Phosphor bronze provides better conductivity and wear life, but graphite is more affordable.

Wireless slip rings provide some benefits to the brushed slip ring since they don’t have the brush/slip ring contact point that can wear over time. A wireless slip ring utilises a magnetic field to transmit power and data over a small air gap between the rotating and fixed portions of the slip ring. Wireless slip rings are limited regarding to how much power can be trasferred and so are not okay for all applications.

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