Through-bore Slip Ring:

It is a very popular type of slip ring. It is better than classical slip ring because in classical slip ring it can only be mounted at the end of shaft but through-bore slip ring can be put at the end as well as over the shaft. This very advantage make it better than classical slip ring. The inner diameter can be between 3 mm and 500 mm depending on the model, it can provide the transmission of electrical power and signals from 1 to 260 channels.

Some features of Through-Bore slip ring are as follows.

  • Advanced multi-point contact brush technology ensures reliable contact with low friction.
  • Metal housing for better protection.
  • Integrated structure design, easy installation.
  • Hole size from 3 mm to 500 mm optional.
  • Standard current: 0~20 A,Standard voltage: 0~600 VAC/ VDC.
  • Circuits No.: 0~400 circuits optional.
  • Customisation acceptable for circuits no. , current& voltage based on standard models.

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