Pin Slip Ring:

Pin slip ring stands out with its small dimensions, easy connection and installation advantages. 2 channels to 8 channels are available. It is generally preferred in packaging and packaging machines.

Pin slip rings are exquisite design and replace wires by pins which meets PoHS environmental requirements. This kind of slip rings are widely used in small wind turbine, rotating platform, cable reel and hot roller.

Advantages of pin sliprings are as follows.

  • No mercury, environment-friendly design.
  • Pins connector, convenient for installation.
  • Speed up to 300 rpm.
  • Steel bearings and machined shaft and housing for harsh environment.
  • Collar mounting is standard; flange mounting is optional.
  • Various lead exits are available.
  • Silver plated rings are standard. Gold plated optional.
  • Continuous 360 degree rotation of power or data signals.
  • Sealed unit.

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