Pancake Slip Ring

Pankake slip ring is especially preferred in applications where there is not enough space in terms of height. The height of these products can be between 10mm and 100mm. The number of channels is 1 to 48 channel standard models.

As another form of though hole slip rings, pancake slip rings are designed for somewhere vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive. Special high vacuum sealing technology & precious metal brush ensure the high reliability transmitting and rotating performance of slip ring. With many advantages such as low torque ,low friction, low electrical noise and long life, pancake slip rings are mainly applied to transmit precise signal together with power, also could be combined with fluid media transmitting(such as hydraulic or pneumatic.

Some features are as follows.

  • SNK series specailly designed for the rotary systems where limited vertical space.
  • Min.thickness 6.5mm,OD100mm,through hole with many hole sizes or solid optional.
  • Advanced spring fiber brush technology ensures low friction,low contact resistance, no friction chips.

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