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Slipring is a for-profit social enterprise that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. It is passionate in providing a sanctuary for its employees, creating the best electrical Sliprings, fiber optic rotary joint products, Rotary unions offering its customer exceptional services, and maintaining a low carbon footprint. Bucking the current trend, the company manufactures most of the special products in Turkey and some of them are exported from Slipring Partner companies in US, Germany, Italy and China. We market these products in Turkey and in Middle East countries including emerging economies such as Pakistan, India, Russia, Iran and South Africa. The company has attracted a loyal following from customers around the world in markets such as military, biomedical, wind energy, geophysical, broadcasting, robotic, mining, machinery, entertainment, and communications. Founded in the early 2000, the company has become a reliable force in Electrical Sliprings and fiber Optics rotary technology innovations.

We provide well-known national and international companies with top-quality, high-tech products. Our customers include companies from all sectors of industry, such as mechanical and plant engineering, automotive production, aeronautics, medical engineering, the steel industry, wood processing, commercial vehicles, the foodstuffs industry and warehousing technology. Our innovative products enable us to help automate processes, test systems and components and increase safety in the work place.

Our product lines include two fields. One is for application of industrial automation, and second is automotive application. Our products are widely applied in auto industry engineering machineries, injection modeling machines medical equipment and optical communication and telecommunication.

We carry over 2500 different designs of different models of our products, and can also provide custom or semi-custom solutions to meet specific needs. Slipring also offers cost effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance. We cater to a global customer base while being committed to meeting all our customers’ supply chain requirements including a rapid response to customer requests, engineering excellence, stringent quality control and on time delivery. Our company prides itself on being the desired solution for your engineering and supply chain requirements.

Our major products are Sliprings, Rotary Encoders, Linear Encoders, RF rotary Joints, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, Rotary Unions, Joysticks and hybrid product. We have different quality lines of all product made of USA, Germany, Italy and China. We also offer special product depending on the customer’s requirements.
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